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July 3, 2010
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CLAU Portraits Lineart by TheMaggiezine CLAU Portraits Lineart by TheMaggiezine
So I thought it was about time I do proper art of the canon CL characters in the CLAU I've done pictures of before. So here's a WIP of what I HOPE to finish in color, at some point, in the near future. In case my style makes them completely unrecognizable, here's the characters right to left, top to bottom:

Ulrich, Yumi, Jeremie, William, Aelita, and Odd

Yumi and Aelita are both princess, but of different kingdoms, obviously. Ulrich has a bit of a mixed outfit combining western and eastern design elements and he's Yumi's personal bodyguard. Jeremie, meanwhile, is one of the top scholars in the kingdom and his family has served the Ishiyama royal family for generations, hence why he's a lot more integrated. Yumi's actually in what I think of as her riding outfit because full war gear and court kimonos don't seem to fit her too well.

William's a leader of a band of roaming thieves in the borderlands and northern territory of Sangaku (Ishiyama). At some point he turns around and becomes captain of the guard of one of the noble clans around the area because he accidently attacked Yumi, Ulrich, and Jeremie while they were on one of their riding trips around the kingdom. He promptly got his ass trounced. His tentative backstory has him hailing from one of the northern kingdoms but fled when Xana gave the kingdoms the ultimatum of "Join by your will or mine." Hence his more rough and furry outfit.

Aelita's the princess of a kingdom named Lyoko (HAHA), which, at the start of the story, is under the governing of the Xanadu Empire. Her outfit's a mix of Celtic design and medieval British noble dresses. Also that's an ear wrap on her ear. :D

(I've been playing around with the idea of the northern kingdoms having more slightly pointed ears. Just for fun. I like how it looks.)

Odd is a traveling archer who's fond of booze and, far as I can remember at this point, may or may not have been a member of William's gang, but eventually makes his way down to the kingdom of Kadic where he somehow makes his way into the graces of the Delmas royal family.

Characters (c) Moonscoop
Image/designs (c) ~Wolfhanyou
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This is SO COOL!
William immediately reminded me of Murtagh, my fave character from the Inheritance cycle. They actualy have fairly similar story arcs, both being forced to work for the villain against their will (William via possession, Murtagh via a spell). My fave characters in EVERYTHING tend to end up being the Anakin/Vader type of their series... William, Murtagh, Riku, Terra, and of course Anakin Skywalker himself... people, cut my faves some slack!
William's outfit looks the most fun (to me), but the more elaborate ones are really cool. and I like the hairstyle for Ulrich better than his real one.
I repeat: This is SO COOL!
TheMaggiezine Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I have the same affection for the characters who end up doing bad things without meaning to XD
It's awesome!
TheMaggiezine Mar 18, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
gasgas1 Jun 10, 2011
:iconffplz: So... Much... INFO!!! *brain offline*
TheMaggiezine Jun 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I loved the design of all of them though i do like Aelita's princess outfit better :)
TheMaggiezine Oct 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! Yeah I like Aelita's outfit a lot more than the others.
:) but i still love it. Though will you finish it like the others?
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